Health practitioner in Hingalool saves women from bleeding in maternity

Despite a severe fistula conditions faced by immature girls in Somalia, Saynab Abdi Warsame 53, stood up to grip with a critical maternity challenges in Sanaag’s Hingalool village.

She has been helping and consoling young girls for almost 26years to avoid women rapture and die during the childbirth as voluntarily.

“I have never left Hingalool to help suffering women, in my town we have not been capable to acquire an appropriate health equipments to execute midwifery so we have accustomed to recommend pregnants to take their medics from the bigger cities before labour approaches” Saynab said .

You know how it difficult to be without salary and I yet been dedicated to deliver midwifery services through different complications. Now a health facility was built in here but challenges are out of hands” she said.

She said that maternity deaths could be handled if authorities set agendas it tackling in mitigating the death of unborn babies in Hingalool’s single referral hospital.

Many children dies during the labour as they wedge their mother’s womb due to unskilled health professionals hired to work in some hospitals in Sanaag according to Saynab.

Female genital mutilation and child marriage remains prevalent practices in Somalia’s main villages as risky of childbirth challenges being addressed in recent years.

Source: Hiiraan Online